I am a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and have been active on the speaking circuit for a number of years. My twenty years of traveling and adventures have blessed me with a vast knowledge of different countries and intriguing stories.

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“We invited Les to our CFGB windup where  he shared his experience in writing his book – Voice of Thunder. Les did not disappoint.  We saw the passion Les had for his friend – Jim – who has become a very close friend. We heard  stories about Les’s interviews in researching for the book, he read excerpts from  it and used his unique way of keeping the audience’s complete attention. Our group learned about a man who had a vision for his people. They live only a couple of hours down the road from us yet few knew of the remarkable progress Jim had made for his community.  In self government and financial independence. All who attended this evening came away learning something about Jim but more importantly being able to take some of the his insights with us and hopefully apply to our daily lives. Thanks Les for taking the time to share. An excellent presentation. “

– Art Enns, Canadian Food Grains Bank

“I found the presentation both entertaining and informative. You have a good way of catching the audience’s attention and keeping it. Your interspersed funny comments make people laugh and stay with you. Jim’s story was delivered well in a short period of time, starting with his childhood and up to today.”

– Karin Mueller on Les’ presentation on his book, Voice of Thunder, at the HOPE dinner in Arnaud, Manitoba