I do not sell cows or cars. I am a charity auctioneer and realize the difference between a charity event and a regular auction. Your donors and bidders will get the recognition they deserve for helping with your cause. A charity auction provides a revenue source, while delivering great entertainment for your event.

More Than an Auctioneer

We provide:

  • Experienced ring persons who add to the excitement and revenue of your event;
  • Accounting services at the event;
  • Extra revenue sources such as sponsored bid paddles;
  • We offer a year long planning calendar to help make your event a success. Great sales don’t just happen, they are a result of planning and preparation.


“It was very nice to meet you last night! I thought you did a great job and just wanted to thank you again. I am sure the other coaches and organizers that were in attendance will be contacting you in the future. Thanks again!”

– Don MacGillvray, University of Manitoba, Bison Hockey

“Working with a pro such as you allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of the evening.”

– Leslie Spiegel, Director, Synergy Events Inc., Producer Evergreen 2008

“Les’ presence at the Signature Dessert Event was entertaining and engaging as he bantered with the crowd and auctioned some of the finest desserts you can find in Winnipeg. He helped us raise more than forty thousand dollars.”

– Abe Bergen, Director of Development, Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

“Your skill and enthusiasm as an auctioneer was obvious as you helped raise the highest amounts to date for our foundation.”

Dave Kemp, Chair, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Foundation



Action at the Auction in Neubergthal during Open Hosebarn Day. The auction was part of the activity to raise funds for the Eddy Schmidt Housebarn Educational Resource Center. The event atracted 200 people

Les Kletke, Nabeal Doss, Toni Neuman, Bear, and Bob Hooey at the Montreal CAPS Convention