The thought of writing a book can be overwhelming, and for many self-published authors, a very discouraging process.

Having written and published a number of books on my own, I have developed a coaching method to help you through the process. I developed a procedure to explain and teach the writing process, the same structure that I have successfully used in writing anything from books, to feature newspaper articles.

Whether it is through a one-on-one coaching session, or one of my writing boot camps, I will assist you in the process of turning your idea, or story into a book in an easy to follow, structured manner.

Here is a short video containing information about the Book Coaching Process,  featuring Kevin Rempel.

In summary, for a 192 page 6×9 book you will have approximately 25 chapters that will be 2000 words each. For each chapter you will then write 10 – 25 important points and once you have these you will formulate it into The Four Component Parts INTRO, STORY, IMPACT,  and REASON which should be 500 words for each section. As for how long it will take you to complete your book well, that is up to you. If you write one chapter a week it will take six months or like Kevin says he wrote 3 chapters a week and it took him 12 weeks. I hope this helps in giving some insight, if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with me by clicking here.